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Joe Rogan has a real fucking problem. Like, its such a shame people listen to any of his bullshit at all, about vegans and veganism. He is pathetic, being an anti vegan. It isn’t your standard bullshit, either. He actually thinks veganism is a religion, a CULT. and this enabling, this arrogant attitude toward vegans and what veganism really is about is fucking dangerous. It is such a fucking shame people like him have a louder voice and us vegans are seen as the crazy ones for simply trying to show people the error in eating animal “products”. Veganism is about compassion and empathy for animals. We are not trying to sell you anything, we are trying to open your eyes, trying to show you this cruelty is no longer necessary by any means. 

you really typed all that shit out and thought “yes, this hyperbole laden fanatical speech in response to what’s maybe a joke will prove that we’re not a cult” huh