my literal favourite hobby is retconning the mcelboys mistakes and quirks to fit the fiction of stolen century, like

Taako tells Avi he can’t play poker? Taako?? One half of the best scam artist duo to ever exist?! Bullshit he just can’t fuckin remember the rules cause he and Lup learned them together. Every straight flush is static

and like, the characters even up to The Suffering Game, have trouble with each others names

(Taako: I leap out of the bubble, and I throw the Umbra staff to Mmmagus-Magnus as I go. Merle: [snorts with laughter] We have gotten close, haven’t we?)

how many times do they flub on the name Barry?

but of course the names slip away from them like water through cupped hands. of course they find themselves stumbling in casual conversation (this is ridiculous, I’ve slept on the bunk above this stupid ruff boi for more than a year, what’s his name?) the harder they think about it, the worse the stutter static