how team voltron texts

shiro: He’s pretty good with capitalization and grammar and stuff, but it doesn’t ever come off like he’s a no fun texter because he loves to end his sentences with smiley faces – not emojis but the most basic smiley 🙂 Also when he swears it’s really funny because he doesn’t do it enough for his phone to recognize the swear words so often times people will receive a “What the duck” or “I hate my ducking life” from Shiro. 🙂

lance: capitalization???? he hasn’t heard of it and he’s never used only one question mark in his life it’s always multiple and he hardly ever uses periods or commas hello that’s why the word ‘and’ exists and he generally doesn’t use abbreviations and also he doesn’t care if what he’s texting makes a whole lot of grammatical sense because people generally know what he’s talking about texting lance is a lot like talking to him

keith: doesnt have any form of autocorrect or autcapitlization turned on and somethimes stuff he texts is indecipherable because he keeps thinkign autocorrect will fix a word he doesnt know the spellign of but it never does so people really have to gues sometimes when reading texts from keith. hard to tell when hes joking since theres literally no dsicernable change in tone so if keith swears at you over text u rly dont know if hes joking or not. he never uses the caps lock feature besides to text lance stuff like SOTP FUCKIGN LEAVING THE EMPTY MILK CARTON IN THE DRIFEG

hunk: he loves to use exclamation marks and he’s never made a spelling mistake in his life!!!! also if you want gossip from hunk He’ll Do This Thing Where He Types Capitalizes Every 👏🏾 Word 👏🏾 For An Extra Dramatic Flair And It Always Makes Things So Funny Because As It Is Hunk Is A Funny Texter. he’s got a good balance of word to emoji ratio 👌🏾

pidge: fucking gen z so she swears in every sentence and keysmashes like her life depends on it bitch! also has a plethora of reaction pictures because she cant be fucked to respond with words sometimes, grammar is neither here nor there , same with spelling

allura: 💖💞🌸💖💖🕊💓💗💖🕊✨🌙💖💖🕊💝💞✨💖🌸💖💞✨✨💘💖💕💖💖🕊✨🌙🌙🌸💗💘💘💖💞💝💓🕊🕊🌙🌙✨💘🌸💗💕💓💖💖💞💝💓💘🌸💗✨💕🌙🌙💘💓💖💝💘🌸🌸🌸!!!!!!!!!!! ♥️♥️!! You feel like the most important person in the world when Allura texts you 🙂 💖💖😘 She loves using emojis because they’re cute and she’s cute and it’s what she knows she deserves 💋💋💋

coran: Right on! xx