one of the things you just gotta accept when one of your posts gets big is that people are gonna accuse you of fuckin’ everything once that baby hits 1000+ notes 

any time i shit talk Brands or Stores or Capitalism In General there’s always fifty galaxy brains that say “oh you hate brands, huh? did you know retail employees work for brands? guess you hate the working class, op is classist, confirmed, here’s a link to my soundcloud and patreon” 

i have two separate posts about how i hate toys r us because they treat their employees like shit and how i hate brands employing “relatable” rudeness in their online advertising in order to trick potential customers in to thinking that “Wendy’s” is a person you can be friends with and on both posts where i criticized the company, people have responded “guess u hate retail workers” 

fuckin. de-program yourselves. you aren’t your bosses. when someone says “i hate wal-mart” they aren’t talking about you. they’re talking about the faceless billionaire businessmen that control walmart and carefully plan out ways to trick poor people out of their money. don’t identify yourself by your place of employment. that shitty cultural attitude is the same sort of nonsense that leads to people writing thank-you letters to their bosses when they get laid off. you are not “a member of the Tesla family.” you’re a cog in their machine and they care nothing of you, and you don’t owe them a goddamn thing. 

so when someone says “fuck corporate twitters and their shitty clapbacks” online, that’s not a personal attack on you. that’s an attack on hypocritical companies behaving rudely as an advertising tactic when they would fire a retail worker in an instant for acting the same way. 

Let me know when this hits a thousand notes, I have some unfounded accusations that OP hates consumers and thinks we shouldn’t buy anything and should literally starve to death.

the time…….. has come

Captainsnoop wants us to eat the workers and enslave the consumer.