cops on Queer Eye:

  • are openly tr*mp supporters with a MAGA hat that they let the fab 5 find
  • their idea of a prank is pulling over a gay black man for no reason and scaring him into thinking he’s about to be brutalized by the police or even killed with his friends clearly expressing their concern for him to even get out of the car when the cop asked
  • when Karamo tries to tell them that it wasn’t funny to try that kind of joke in the current political climate the cop tries to switch it to a “but not all cops are bad cops and we get discriminated against too” conversation 

firefighters on Queer Eye:

  • try to raise money with a community fundraiser to properly train other firefighters 
  • let the fab 5 hose them down in wet t-shirt contest
  • let Jonathan give them a little spa day with foot soaking and face masks
  • take dance classes for said fundraiser and even willingly learn a couple Magic Mike dance moves
  • their idea of a prank is to startle Tan with an exploding pen
  • the hot white one let’s Karamo crush all over him and call him Superman the whole time without any hesitation

Remember there’s a reason no one ever says “Fuck the firefighters!”